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Editing Fight'N Rage Saves

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Editing Fight'N Rage Saves

Post by kachan64 » Sun Jun 30, 2019 11:24 am

Please create a backup before proceed. I will be not responsable for any damages result in file modification.

To edit Fight'N Rage save data, there is no programs that do that.
So you will need to do it manually.
Location for the save in Windows 10 at least, located in:

Code: Select all

If you have 7zip installed, you can simply right click > 7-zip > Extract Here and you will see a filename called data.

If you have WinRAR, you can't exactly do that. You will need to open WinRAR and navigate above directory (game save directory) and double click on the file to open it and there is the file.

I recommended drag it out of the archive so you don't messup your original save.

There you can change things like:
total_earned_coins and so on...

Also there, you can change your keyboard/input settings such as mapping keys to controller etc

Once you are done, you can simply repack the file and start your game.
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